MCC Junior Golf

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Junior Golf

MCC is pleased to announce that it has opened a new junior golf course consisting of three par 3 holes. Juniors and beginners are welcome to try the course. New adult golfers will be able to use this course also to develop their new golf skills. The aim is to develop junior and new golfers so as golf continues at our club into the future.

We hope the local Primary and High Schools will support the course for school sports. We hope to have golf lessons for juniors.

The Jack Newton Foundation intends to have coaching clinics and competitions for juniors on this golf course. Over the past few years coaching clinics and competitions have been held for juniors on the side of the main course. The new course will provide a more appropriate and safe venue for budding golfers.

We hope to complete the greens and watering system in the next six months.

Volunteers have regularly put a in a lot of work and energy to turn what was a paddock of scrub, lantana and bladey grass into this beautifully mowed course. Volunteers such as Mike Parker, Brian Brabant, Ron Edwards, Brian Tobey, Max Turner and many more have cut down trees, burned stumps and rubbish, mown grass, dug ditches, lugged sand, planted grass, carried rocks, developed gardens every Thursday for a few years. Others such as Lochy Mackay lent his truck while Lindsey Kerr lent his excavators and equipment to develop this course. Others have been involved in applying for funding from Golf NSW while some dug deep into the pocket for soil, petrol and diesel. A great deal of toil has been done over the past couple of years. MCC thank everyone for their hard work and contributions.

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