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Macksville Country Club 3D Archery


Macksville Country Club introduced to the public their new 3D Archery section of the Country Club, Sunday the 6th November which a new addition to golf and bowls.


Archery is an ancient practice which has a long history and is still practiced all over the world. Modern day archery can be an individual or family sport, age is not a barrier.


3D Archery is one of 3 major Archery associations in Australia that caters for a particular type of target archery. 3D targets are life size foam targets that have scoring zones on relevant areas ie 10, 8, 5, which are used in competitions, these rounds are set out in 10 target ranges.


#D Archery group also have paper target rounds, which are similar. New members are welcome to try archery on competition day.  We have limited equipment and everyone should be able to have a go on the practice butts.

All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

All participants must sign on before going to the practice butts this is for Insurance purposes.

A  $5.00 fee for all competent archers if they wish to shoot the ranges.



For more information phone Mike Parker (secretary) on 0400684528 Ron Edwards (president) on 0427431191 or Brian Brabant  (reasurer)  0427520836.



**Archery will only be on the 2nd and last Sundays of the month this will mean that the archery range will be in play on those days only, on the other hand the Practice Range will be open to all MCC archery members at any time which will not impact on the golf course **




Mike Parker       0400684528   Secretary


Archery Membership & Affiliation:

***Please be aware that any person or families joining the archery club from December 2016 until end of June 2017 only pays half price.

I.E. $20.00 for NON members and $15.00 for Existing members.***


  • Full year Membership is $40 for NONMCC members.
  • Full year Membership is $30 for EXISTINGMCC members.
  • Payment of AFFILIATION FEESfor 3DAAA are the responsibility of the person joining and will not be paid by the club, the affiliation forms are available with archery membership or can be purchased online @ 3daaa Australia.
  • Archery Club Membershipis due at the end of each financial year @ the end of June.
  • Archery AffiliationMembership is anniversary, the date you join will be the same time the following year to renew.




  • Shooting on the Practice butts on NONShoot days are available to MCC Archery Members Only, the ranges will not be in use.
  • Member or members must sign inat the club on the form supplied and sign out on the completion of practice, they also have to put out the Sandwich Board and the Red Flag prior to practicing to indicate archery is in progress and then return sign and flag to the club on completion.
  • The cost for practice will be $3.00 per personfor unlimited time.



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