New Junior Golf Course Now Open

Macksville Country Club Opening of Junior Golf Course

At 10am Sunday, 7th April, 2019, Mayor Ms Rhonda Hoban will open a new junior golf course. We want to encourage many juniors as young as 9 years of age to learn to play golf.

We have been encouraged by Jack Newton Junior Golf people to help with enlisting new junior members and try and keep the game of golf alive at Macksville Country Club.

Juniors are our future!

Six years ago a group of volunteers decided to clear some scrub for the purpose of having a place where kids could play and learn golf. Volunteers cleared scrub and lantana, fell large rotten trees and mowed the area from 2013 -17. We applied to ClubsNSW nearly three years ago to provide some funding to create three greens as they are expensive to develop due to the cost of excavation, gravel, sand and turf.

In August 2017, we received a grant from ClubBiz (in excess of $24,000) to complete the course. Volunteers (Ron, Brian T. Brian B. Lachy, Rob, Chris, Lindsay and Barry, Ken andmany many others) mowed, fertilised, watered and cultivated gardens, fairways and greens and now the course is finished. Juniors will be able to play the 3 holes, 3 times around (9 holes) for a game.

Any young people wanting to learn to play golf or become members are welcome to contact our club (02 65681400). They can experience the game before actually playing tournaments. Golf membership is free for young beginners.

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